Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Advice and opinions needed please!

I'm still working out how I want to do this, and even if I want to keep it on blogger (Jeremy is trying to persuade me to go over to wordpress - any opinions?!). The thing is that I want to write about 'Life', but I also want to post recipes that I create. It's all part of 'savouring' after all! But I have a feeling that a lot of people who'd enjoy one aspect would not particularly choose the other, so I don't want to 'flood the market' with too much and too varied material, nor confuse the issue.
SO...for now I've created a separate page, called Nourishing Recipes, on which I've just posted a Strawberry Granita (Italian Ice) recipe I tweaked and made this week (YUM!). But this will only work short tern, and I would like some opinions and advice please:
Should I switch blogs now while it's easy to do that?
Should I have two (linked?) blogs to post different sorts of stuff on?
Should I keep it all on one blog but with different pages?
And what about name/s? I'm not sure about the present one. I forgot I create another one ages ago called 'Rachael Felicity Grace', so could use that. What do you think? Or shall I go back to the drawing board for a new name/ names?
(and so on!)
Over to you...
Thank you.


  1. I think your name is fine. And posting recipes on the same blog is okay too, or your linked blog idea, but directing people too many places to read could be confusing.

    I've only used blogger so can't comment on Wordpress. I think blogger is the most popular site for blogging, so that's why I picked it.

    Everyone wants to do different things with their blog. You may need to write entries as they come to you and simply see where your theme takes you and your readers. My blog is not just for personal writing, because I'm trying to build up readers as I query agents and editors for writing work, so I'm trying to make it relatable for all readers, but others are posting photos of their kids and telling family stories, and yours can be a mix of recipes and personal essays - anything you want! That's the fun of blogging.

    Good luck, and have fun with it!

  2. I use blogspot because it is so easy. I don't know why you would want to switch to wordpress.

    As to whether to use two different linked blogs, I think you are better off doing just one. There is not a huge disjuncture between the two as there might be if I also did a technology blog (which I have occasionally considered). Adding personal updates, and reflections between the recipes adds to the appeal. You can always use tags or categories to allow people to select your recipes.

  3. Thanks guys! (and Ed for being my first male 'follower'!) ;-)
    Jeremy says with wordpress (which he knows better so it might be possible here too?) I could have different 'tabs', I think. I like the sound of that, because I DON'T like my separate recipe page right now (no possibility of separate posts or comments etc)...

  4. i would combine recipes and reflections on the same blog... one blog i enjoy is which is a great mixtures or recipes and life....


  5. Wordpress knocks the socks off of blogspot since it's so customizable and you can use your own host. I like it a lot more, but as Ed says, it's a little more difficult to set up and use.

    I agree with the other comments on the mixed blog. It all adds value, so unless you're wanting to be super specific, keep it all in one spot. I have a couple friends that have multiple blogs, and honestly, I never bother with more than one of them.

    As for the name: well, I thought it said "Learning to Savior" at first...silly British spelling of savor! :p

  6. One blog. On Wordpress.

    I doubt anyone would check more than one blog on a regular basis. And the diversity if different styles/subjects would add to your blog.

    Categories is better than the tabs that Jeremy describes (which are called pages by Wordpress) because no one ever really visits anything but the homepage. With categories, the people who want to see just receipes or just reflections can do so, but the general view will be a mix of both, giving both categories greater visibility/accessibility.

    And Wordpress is just way better than Blogspot. I'm sure Jeremy could help you get it started, but it's pretty easy to click your way around and figure things out. Way more customizable. And its what all the cool/young kids are doing. You don't want to seem old, do you?

  7. Hi big sister
    I have been enjoying your blog! I think that it is a good plan to put it all on one blog. Personally i think word press is the best, though i have not used blogger. The things i like about wordpress is.

    You can set it up so you can e-mail in your posts to a secret e-mail including pictures etc and wordpress will post it for you.

    It is very customizable and you can set it up to look like a blog or a website with blog pages on it. change graphics and header images and etc etc.

    You can host it at your own domain like or if you want to have subscribers you could have it at the site.

    One nice thing about Blogger though it seems really simple and word press can be a bit more complex. Also having the faces of your followers there is something i think is not in Wordpress and is a nice thing to have.

    My final idea i like is that at some point you could add a page to whichever blog, i dont know if blogger does it. it could be like a normal website page not a post and have a list on that page of all your recipes all linked to the blog articles you have been putting up with recipes.

    which ever one you have the thing that makes your blog is the interesting stuff you right and we are looking forward to trying the recipes when you post them this is if we can get ingredients in Africa :-)

    The name is good i think.

  8. I shall follow you wherever you go - and I would do one - multiples are hard to maintain - and everyone that knows you will love your recipes :) Word Press is kicking my a** right now - so I am not the right person to ask - CSS is a pain and blogger is easy-peasy - but you have Jeremy to help you :) You can tab in Blogger too - just need the right template - many freebies out there.

  9. I found word press quite confusing compared to blogger. So if you want a simple life stay here. I love it just the way it is and I'm really enjoying hearing more about your life over there. xx