Friday 8 March 2013

My Own Darkness {Guest blog for Reflections on Darkness}

Today I feel privileged to have written a guest blog for friend Brianna Kocka's project 'Reflections on Darkness: Words to Light up Our Darkest Months'...

"Can we even see our own darkness? It shrouds us so that we walk around blinded, ignorant of the shadows we cast as we go.
A Thursday night, driving home from an evening lit by conversation and laughter over a shared meal. My husband Jeremy points out the way I have just cut off and insulted a friend, thinking only of myself. I can’t see it. I protest and defend, explain and excuse, insisting on my own unflickering light, clawing back the darkness of an accusation that threatens to snuff out for me the evening’s warm flame."
Read the full piece here and then explore the other wonderful writings that have been posted by various people since January, each a very different, personal perspective on Darkness.

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  1. I read your piece so now I must sit here and let the gentle wisdom seep in. I am so thankful you write, Rachael.