Monday, 26 December 2011

These are a few of my favourite (Christmas) things..

Since I keep on humming the classic Sound of Music song to myself, I was already thinking of writing a post about some of my favourite things this Christmas, and then my daily Enneathought suggested that “On Boxing Day, which can be a day of recovery from celebrations, quietly reflect on your blessings. As a Nine, consider the ways you are blessed with being optimistic, good-natured, and creative.” So today I am celebrating the blessings of my life, and the blessings of being me! :-)

Enjoying our newly renovated den with friends who really appreciate it, and who experienced Den #1 enough to know how significant the changes are! My very creative friend Abigail just made us two gorgeous cushions to grace our ruby red sectional sofa, making the lovely room even prettier. And I’ve been lighting candles often in the evenings for a wonderful inviting ambiance. Today’s happy scene: four of us spaced out the sofa with either book (thanks for mine, Joanna!) or ipad or laptop, perhaps snoozing, maybe with blanket and cat on lap... just being. Old friends (length of acquaintance rather than age!) are great for this: we can laugh, remember, get serious, get heated, be silent; everyone naturally mucks in to clear up, cook breakfast, wash up, initiate something to watch or a good conversation, carve the turkey, peel and chop vegetables, make (lots of) coffee... Comfortable.

The pleasure and satisfaction I get from cooking a lovely meal, making the table and house look pretty, and choosing presents for loved ones that I know they will enjoy... coupled with Jeremy’s very real gratitude with how I “make Christmas happen, and do it so well”. :-) After so much thought and planning (and shopping!) these last weeks, I was especially happy that I still have a good sense of what Amélie will love. It's so gratifying to witness her joy and delight. These celebrations definitely are a LOT of work, but they are worth it... Satisfaction.

Starting to read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Amélie on Christmas Day 2011, with snow gently falling outside and the lights of the Christmas tree twinkling in the corner or the room. I absolutely loved reading it to her, and am so looking forward to working our way through the whole series (which my Mum and Dad are sending to her a book at a time) and rediscovering it as an adult; Amélie, too, was evidently already captured by the story and characters. Joy!

My new snugly red robe from Long Tall Sally (a gift from Jeremy), which almost reaches my feet and is incredibly warm, and almost matches my favourite sofa! I‘ve never had a robe this long or beautiful or warm and it makes me happy! I keep on wanting to repeat the brilliant line from Despicable Me (there spoken by the littlest girl about the soft unicorn she really wants): “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” :-) Fluffiness!

Just enough snow to make things pretty and white and Christmassy, but not so much that travel plans are scuppered or the footpaths by the river hard to negotiate for a late morning stroll. It was beautiful out there today, especially the black of the river against the snowy banks, and all the feathery reflections. By the end of the walk, my legs were like ice blocks, but I felt rejuvenated from my turkey stupor... and entitled to some more overindulgence! Enjoy!


  1. Note we only die if it is so fluffy, not so sparkly. We might like sparkly, but fluffy is what stops our heart with happiness.

  2. Lovely Rachael! Thanks for sharing some of your favourite things. So many things to appreciate and be grateful for. :)

  3. And YOU two, Karis and Zoe, are also on my gratitude list!!