Saturday, 16 July 2011

Prayer of a Wannabe Gardener

Creator God, Giver of Life,
I beseech you to help me not to kill all my plants.
Please give me eyes to see them on their dusty windowsills,
And help me to remember to water them regularly and consistently.
When I am rushing past and notice their wilting leaves,
Grant me the wisdom to stop and give a minute to their care.
I confess to you my false belief that they will somehow make it on their own,
And the shameful thought that I can just go and buy another one anyway.
Please renew my mind and, if possible, my hands - I'd like green fingers instead of a black thumb please.

(Yes, it's that time of year again, and the same hopes and fear arise that inspired my 'Confessions of a Plantkiller' string of posts last year!)


  1. ha! i love this! what an honest, heartfelt prayer rachael. makes me smile.

  2. oh! I do wish for you to have amazing plant-growing!

  3. Ah-men and ah-men. I miss you. I miss being with you in your kitchen, be the plants alive or dead.