Friday, 2 July 2010

Simple pleasures: shelling peas (with photos!!!)

Amelie and I sat out in the garden with the pea pods I'd bought at the Calais Farmers' Market, and learnt to shell them together, with a little online instruction and some experimentation of our own, which involved flying peas for a while! And, as promised, I have also learnt to upload and post PHOTOS!! *cheers and applause*
I think I'm hooked now!

Uncovering the green jewels

Amelie becoming an expert pea-sheller!

We ate the peas raw for lunch - they were sweet and almost creamy - with simple, crispy quesadillas fried in my new cast iron skillet: plain cheese for Amelie; and for Jeremy and me, some with tomato bruschetta mix and cheese, and others with cheese, salsa and green onions. I made them on teff/millet wraps this time, to try something gluten-free for a change, and it worked well. Yum!

Look how wonderful and green our garden is in the summer! It takes my breath away all the time. And behind Jeremy in the distance is our vegetable plot with seven tomato plants and some fiery 'companion' marigolds coming along very nicely. Ah, the joys of the season...

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  1. Is that your garden? Oh my word! LOVE seeing photos ... well done, you!!